The Parish of Clontuskert - Glimpses into its Past

The first major project undertaken by the Clontuskert Heritage Group was the publication of The Parish of Clontuskert - Glimpses into its Past.

A new reprint of this book (2022) is now available in local retailers or please contact the heritage group at or at

The group shared a desire to preserve as much of the heritage of Clontuskert as was feasible, before it would have been lost forever. Estate records, Famine Commission reports, Church, Army and Education records, local and national newspapers, photographic archives, interviews with older parishioners - all of these sources were examined in the course of researching the publication.

By publishing the book, the group hoped to raise an awareness of Clontuskert's rich cultural heritage and to facilitate parishioners in researching the history of their own families.

The book tells the story of the rural East Galway parish of Clontuskert through a series of glimpses into its past. It begins with the earliest evidence of human activity in the parish during the early Mesolithic period almost eight thousand years ago and continues into the latter half of the twentieth century.

The publication portrays Clontuskert as a dynamic and ever changing place that has a very long and varied heritage. Permanent structures such as the Bronze Age fulachta fiadh and burial barrows, over a hundred ringforts, the Augustinian Priory of St. Mary, the Churches of St. Mathew in Glenloughaun and St. Augustine's in Crossconnell, the Grand Canal, the Lismanny house out-buildings, the schools, the houses and farm buildings, are all legacies of past generations that have left their mark on the landscape of Clontuskert.

A very important facet of the publication is the inclusion of an excellent photographic and pictorial record of the parish. The school photographs in particular will stir up old memories. Accompanying the sports chapter is an invaluable photographic record of the people who left their mark on the sporting heritage of Clontuskert.

The raison d'ĂȘtre of the book is the development of an understanding, knowledge and pride in the built, natural and cultural heritage of Clontuskert.

The Heritage Group extends its gratitude to all who assisted in the publication of the book, generously giving of their time and expertise while providing information maps, photographs, access to archives and financial assistance. Read an extract from the book